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Version 2.06 · · 5.5MB · VirusTotal Report · New: Alternative tab working better now, Chrome Tab detection working again, Alternative Tray Notification Style added
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Get notified about new emails in your,,,,,,, LinkedIn,,,, IBM / Lotus Notes, IBM iNotes,,, Yandex,,, and any IMAP inbox. Also MAPI / Outlook is supported.

A tooltip and a sound will notify you about a new email. The tooltip shows you the sender and email subject. Just click the tooltip or icon to open your inbox in your browser or Windows Mail.


For the tray icon, you can select from several different styles.

Supported Languages

Arabic Arabic
Czech Czech
Dutch Dutch
English English
French French
German German
Greek Greek
Italian Italian
Japanese Japanese
Norwegian Norwegian
Polish Polish
Portuguese Portuguese
Russian Russian
Spanish Spanish
Swedish Swedish
Turkish Turkish
Ukrainian Ukrainian

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 11 Windows 11
Windows 10 Windows 10
Windows 8 Windows 8
Windows 7 Windows 7
Windows Vista Windows Vista
Windows XP Windows XP
Windows Server Windows Server
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